Give me power!

An igo professional player in Japan says that fight without regard to territory for getting power of fight. So I decided I would try to fight so much in my game.

I avoided some fight until now, when I thought I would get advantage, even if I thought I could fight evenly. I want not to win but to become strong. I try to fight by fight from now!

My 40th KGS game (vs [4k], 5 stones game, B)

I used cutting off the lower right corner for ko threat of the lower left corner ko. However the opponent didn't respond the lower right corner. So I cut off the lower right corner.

How do you play in this situation? Yes. Everyone will play the cap at A. However...

I played at 1! 
Because of that, the white group could escape. (Please ignore my mistake of the lower right corner.)

Afterward, I had many failures...

Although it's all but decided that I lose, the white played uchikomi in the upper left corner. I wanted to capture only them.

The white group had two eyes...orz 

All moves are here. 

I took terribly bad play in this game. I'm too weak in fight. I want power of fight.

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