I don't like ko. However...

I'm not good at ko. I have won ko few times.

My 63th KGS game (vs [7k], komi: 0.5, B) 

I got greedy, when the white played jump at H4. I played attachment at B. I had to play knighte's move at A. If I played so, the black group in the lower side could live easily.

After all, it became ko because of my greed...

The opponent avoided ko in the lower side. It's lucky for me.

However I played bad move. I connected at B, when the white played ate. I misunderstood the number of liberty of the Q6 black group. I could play connection at A.

It became ko again...

When I played first ko threat, the opponent didn't play in time. Fortunately I won.

All moves are here.

I have two ko threats more at the points marked triangle. The opponent has only one ko threat at the point marked square. But the points marked A and B may work as ko threat of the white.

When the white play the ko threat at A, if I connect at 2, the black will win the fight by the order of moves.

About at B, the black group in the left side will live by the sequence of moves.

In conclusion, neither A nor B works as ko threat. However I'm unconcern of my ability to play the correct order of moves. I was very lucky to win.

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