I came back to Japan.

I couldn't have internet access over 1 month, because I moved out Manila and came back to Japan in last March. I may be not able to write in my blog like I used to, because I started work again. I try writing in my blog every 2 weeks.

I review a match in the 2 months.

My 73th KGS game (vs [7k], Komi: 0.5, B)

I captured the white big group in the lower side. I thought I would never lose the match. But I took many mistakes after that.

I played wedge at O16 after the white move marked square. It's unconsidered play. I was captured the black group in the upper right corner. I had to play attachment at A.

I was captured 2 stones marked square, although I captured the white group marked triangle. I lost big territory, because the white group marked triangle made from an impossible invasion in my moyo.

At last, I mistook a tesuji. Of course I had to play throw-in at E1.
I couldn't play correct move, although I studied tesuji everyday over 3 months...
But I won by 14.5 points owing to the saving in the lower side.

All moves are here.

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