The Butterfly

My 156th KGS game (vs 4k, komi: 0.5, B) 

All moves are here.

This is the another opening, which I invented. I call it the "Butterfly".

It's so beautiful, isn't it?
I love it.

I want to play in the center point at 1st move, if possible. That way, I can play in the side to the move of the opponent. But many players resist, if I play in the Tengen at first move.

My 149th KGS game (vs 3k, komi: 0.5, B) 

Like this. (Did the opponent beware the Southern Cross?)

My 152nd KGS game (vs 5k, komi: 0.5, B) 

Or like this.

That's why, I figured to play in the side at 1st move out of necessity.

At any rate,
I play the Butterfly for the time being!

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