I met with a setback.

It's too hard for me to wright articles in English. I'll wright them not in English but also in Japanese from now. I'll wright in English some articles about my feelings of my games and of some topic of igo and so on. I'll wright in Japanese some articles about some techniques of igo.

Now, I played the 100th KGS game, while I didn't wright any articles. The lost games are over 10 games more than the wins. That's why, I keep 8k for around 1 year.

I'll think the cause.

This is the last situation of the game which I introduced in the last article (The white is me). I played block when the black played bend. I didn't use a second for the play.

You can see, can't you? It's an easy oiotoshi. I resigned at the next play.

I will play like it so many time. I can't see some dangers. I'll not be able to become strong than at present, if I can not see dangers.

For the time being, I'm going to read 5 moves at each play.

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