Your efforts must be rewarded.

Recently, I am reviewing the workbooks of igo problem which I have read last year. I read them so many times. That's why, I thought I was able to memorize the all answers.

But I can't get some answers right now. My "right" answer means that I get correct move from first play to last play at first sight.

Especially, the problems in which bad shape is right move are difficult. For example,

Black to play

The correct move is "F17 connection". The liberty of black is 4 and of white is 3.

The shape is too bad!

I can't help but I get G16 bamboo joint at first sight.

There are many problems which I can't get answers right. They are about 50% of all. I'm sad very much...

But my rank is up to 5k now. It remained in 8k around 1 year since February of 2012. But it is rising in this 2 months.

I think the study of every day wasn't a wasted effort.

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