I play igo with a smart phone.

It should be easy to play for enjoying to play igo!

That's why, I installed the KGS app. I can enjoy igo anytime and anywhere from now.

But there were some problems. The point of the cursor was different from where I had tapped. So it's difficult to play as I thought.

Like the follow figure.

I continued to play at pains, though I thought it was a strange bug. Then I realized I couldn't play in the bottom area. Because I had to tap out of the board to display the cursor in the bottom area. But it's impossible because it didn't detect tapping out of the board!

Finally I was forced to resign...

KGS app is junk!!

After that, I finded that I should not tap but drag to move the cursor. I'm junk not KGS app...

I continue this at the next time.

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