Cosmic Style

Do you know Masaki Takemiya? He is a professional igo player in Japan. He created the cosmic style which is style of an extremely attaching weight to the center.

For example, please watch below game.

VS Kunihisa Honda, in 1982, komi: 5.5, W

W won by 0.5 points.

How big the white territory in the center is! It's like cosmos! It's so exiting!

Although I like the style so much, it's difficult to play, especially for a game against the equal or stronger player. I must be broken my wall.

However, I think the style is good for a game against the weaker player. They usually intend to get territory, because of that, they are little conscious of the center. That is why I can easily make big moyo in the center, and they don't have skill to break my wall. So, I play the cosmic style in some games against the weaker player.

Don't you try the cosmic style?

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