Nongshim hot noodles Cup World Go Strongest Tournament

The igo tournament is an international igo tournament. China, Korea and Japan participate in the tournament. The system of the tournament is a little complicated.

Each country has 5 players. A player of the 2nd country of last year play a player of the 3rd country of last year at first. The winner of the game play a player of the victory country of last year. The winner of the game play another player of another country...

The loser is eliminated like this. The country which has the last player claims victory.

Japan lost with no winning in the tournament of this year! Moreover all games of Japan players were resigned games. It's terrible! Only 3 players each of Both China and Korea play.

Japan continues to get 3rd last 5 straight years. Now a days, Japanese level of igo became different from Chinese and Korean. And people who plays igo decreases in Japan. I'm very sad.

I want the Nihon Ki-in to strive for raising the Japanese level of igo.

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