Ko is so difficult.

I'm weak on ko. I feel myself compelled to make ko without thinking. I always lose ko, because I make a mistake in some ko threats. How about you?

My 44th KGS game (vs [5k], 4 stones game, B)

This is the situation that I tried ko at O12. I thought that the ko was important for the white rather than me.

However, I made a mistake in response to a ko threat of the white. I had to play not extend at 2 but atari at 3.

After that, I thought that I had to win the capturing race of O10 black group against Q11 white group.

That's why, I played the block at S12. However, it's losing move, because the white captured the ko at the next move. I had to connect the ko at A before playing the block. If so, I would win the capturing race.

After all, I resigned.

All moves are here.

I lost the game too because of losing a ko.

I dislike ko!

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