Every journey begins with a single step.

I bother myself lately. Why don't I become strong? Although I read some books about the life and death problem everyday!

Meanwhile I played three games in short term. I write about a game of them. 

My 42nd KGS game (vs [11k], Komi: 0.5, W)


It is the situation that I tried to kill the big black group in the center. The next possible play is A, B or C. How do you play?

I chose clamp at B. Actual sequence of moves are below.


I thought that the C6 white group was almost safe by the 7th play. And I thought that I could kill the big black group.

The subsequent moves are below.


Actually, the C6 white group lived and the opponent resigned at no distant play.

All moves are here.

I thought that the situation of Fig.1 was most important of the game. I reviewed deeply the play at A, B and C.

At first, I write about clamp at B of Fig.1.


If the black played the best moves after the 7th move of Fig.2, the big black group would live.

Second, about hane at A.

While I played the game, I thought ko would result. However, if the black played the best move, the big black group would live also. 

Third, about wedge at C.


During playing the game, I thought the big black group could live easily. However, it would come up a capturing race.

Fig.6 is too difficult for me and I think Fig.4 is better than Fig.5. In my conclusion, at the situation of Fig.1, to play clamp at B is the best.

I'm happy that I could choose the correct play in short time during the game.
Did I become strong?

Finally, I write a play indicated by a computer in the review.


If the black cut at A, the center white group or Q12 white group will be killed. For avoiding it, I had to play hane at B to kill R11 black three stones.

I never noticed it during the game.
I became strong only a little...

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