A tesuji decides the outcome of a game.

I study tesuji with some books lately. That's why, I became to be able to look at some tesuji in some games.

My 59th KGS game (vs [4k], 4 stones game, B) 

I could capture the N6 white group by a tesuji. It's a result of the study. I was very happy. But...

When the white played parallel move at O18, I played descent at B. If I played block at A, I would win easily. It became a complicate fight in the game, although.

When the white played cut at Q15, I couldn't find a nice play in time. I lost by running out of time.

Can you find a tesuji in this situation?

Yes. If I played turn at O19, I could win the fight. Tesuji is terribly important. When both player play many tesuji in a game, it will be a beautiful and interesting game.

The game was a really exiting game for me, although I lost! 

All moves are here.

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