Set sequences are fatal.

I play games not for winning but for developing my skill of igo. That's why, I rarely play at 3-4 points or use the Chinese opening. Because they have only a few variations of stone shape in their opening. And because I tend to play without thinking in their opening.

I'd like to play with consideration at all play. And

I love uncertain battles!!

My 83rd KGS game (vs [7k], komi: 0.5, B) 

Recently, I play at 6-4 points in black and 5-3 points in white.

In the game, the opponent invaded soon at star points, when I played at 6-4 points.

I know the set sequences in the situation. After all, I could play first in other two corners, because I got the initiative in upper right corner. And I won by holding out the advantage.

I used a set sequence against my policy. Who knows a sequence can unilaterally control the game, if the opponent didn't know the sequence. And almost all players around 8k don't know the sequences of 6-4 points.

It may not be good to play at 6-4 points for my progress.
I'm gonna play normally from next game.
I'll play at 6-4 points, when I become around 3k.

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