Between two stools one falls to the ground.

I have a habit to get greedy, when I think I gain an upper hand. And I suffer a loss, after all. I have play that many many time.

My 81st KGS game (vs [9k], Komi: 6.5 points, W) 

I played 5-3 point in the lower left corner. A fierce battle happened because the opponent and I didn't know set sequences about 5-3 point. What do you play in the situation? Yes. Everyone plays hane at F2. However...

I played descent at B7!
 I jumped to the conclusion that I could capture the black groups marked both triangle and square by the play. I must play hane at A, if the situation were a question in a workbook.

The white group marked square was dead of course. In addition, the white group marked triangle was almost captured. I was brought from paradise into hell.

I want to break with greed...

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