I wrote in my weblog that my goal of this year was to learn 7 books of igo and to memorize the contents. Then I couldn't read only one book.

I reviewed the books which I leaned the last year, before I tried to lean new books. But...

"Well...I can't find out the good sequence?"

I couldn't dissolve many problems at a glance!!

Why? I read the books over 10 times! I had been able to dissolve all problems at a glance at that time!

I changed my goal... I will learn again the books which I leaned the last year. Ha...

And to make matters worse, I may not have enough time to read books of igo this year, because I will be busy for work. I must read books related the work, though I read books of igo everyday on the way to and from work.

I will not been able to make progress on igo this year. Ha...

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