My 36th KGS game

I tensed a little because I played igo after 10 days.

My 36th KGS game (vs [7k], 2 stones game, B)

I took mistakes a lot I write remarkable one of the mistakes.

My stones of center are attacked I thought it's safe playing in number order, because I could get 4th of white stone. However...

No.1 of My stone is dead!!
It's unbelievably bad. The image in my head blurs about 5 moves. Because of that, I didn't notice my stone would take atari. I shouldn't have taken atekomi at 1 but jumped at A.

As a result, my moyo at the right side was invaded.

But I won by 12.5 points with help from slack plays of white. All moves are here.

This is my 5th straight win. I became 8k for this winning. I'm so happy!

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