Practice in 6 stones game

I didn't know that 6 stones game was approved as rated game in KGS. I haven't yet played 5 or more stones game in KGS. I'd like to play 6 stones game.

But I don't think that I'll win in 6 stones game as white. 6 stones are too much!

Therefore I practiced in 6 stones game against a computer.

How do you play in this situation?

I cut at A. It's awfully bad. Black in the upper side became too strong. White in the left upper side marked triangle became so weak.

I had to cut at B. If so, I could fight in the center with advantage.

Although I think this was the most important point in this game, I show the end game. An accident was happened at the last.

How do you play in this situation? Yes. Everybody connects at B. But...
I connected at A!
Of course, the black took Sashikomi at B and the white group in the upper right corner was dead by snap back. I didn't think anything then. I'm stupid...

All moves are here.

However, I become to think that I can play moderately well in 6 stones game as white.


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