Can you look at stones?

I can't look at stones!
Of course I can look at the stones which is on the board. What I can't look at is the imaginary stones.

For example, please read the below life and death problem.

Black to play.

The correct sequence of moves is too long for beginners. It is below.

Could you get the correct answer?

When I read the problem, I can't retain the image until finishing.

Around 8th move, the image of the atones marked triangle become dim and I forget whether the white stone at A lives or not.

I actually can't look at the imaginary stones. The above "image" is not the shape of the imaginary stones but a notion that there is a stone on the point. I don't look at anything in my eyes.

However, only when I close my eyes, I can look at the imaginary stones on the imaginary board. If I open my eyes, the imaginary stones and board vanish. Why?

Some professional player in Japan says they can look at the imaginary stones. Probably they can look at like the below, when they read the above problem.

It's unbelievable for me. How can I look at the imaginary stones?
I'd like to become to be able to look at the imaginary stones!

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