I don't know when to give up.

I don't have enough time to play igo, because I'm very busy to work, take care my daughter, take care my wife ( lol ) and so on. That's why I have a policy to set up a theme for each game. The theme of this game was "switching elsewhere".

My 76th KGS game (vs [6k], komi: 0.5, B)

It's the situation in which the opponent played approach move in the upper left corner. I had played bad move in the right side. Anyway, I had to switch elsewhere. The corner enclosure at A or the wedge at B were the major candidates.

After that, the white played at upper right corner in first. That's why, the white gut an advantage. Switching elsewhere is difficult.

After deciding the overall outcome, it happened a unpleasant incident.

The endgame didn't finish yet. However,
the opponent played pass!!
 I must lose by large difference. But I haven't yet resign. The opponent should play the endgame.

Am I wrong?

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