I'm chicken.

I played igo for the first time in 1 month. I'd like to play igo more often.

My 77th KGS game (vs [8k], Komi: 0.5, W)

The opponent had tried too hard in the center. I had to kill the G7 big black group. I read the H8 two white stones were safe. If the black extended at J9, the two white stones were safe by ladder[ atari at H9(W), extend at J10(B), atari at J11(W), turn at H10(B), wedge at G10(W)]. However...

I played extend at H9. Why??
It's needless play. Although I had read the ladder... I had to play knight's move at A. After that I couldn't kill the G7 big black group and I lost the game.

I have a habit to play in too safety. I'm conservative on a routine basis. That is why I can't get good for igo. I want foolhardiness.

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