The Diamond Opening

Happy New Year!
Thank you for reading my blog. I write this blog as much as I can.

I write about a game in last year in this time.

I wanted to try an opening stile from a month ago. It makes much of the side rather than the corner. But I haven't played games without handicap stones for about one month.

In this time I could play a game without handicap stones at last!

My 38th KGS game (vs [8k], komi: 0.5, B)

The opening was above. Do you know the Southern Cross Opening? In the Southern Cross Opening, the 9th black is the tengen. I think the tengen is slack, so I approached the lower right corner at the 9th black.

The opening of the black is like a diamond, isn't it? I named the opening "the Diamond Opening".

I played well until the middle game. But...

I mistook in this point. I had to block at the A. If so, when the white wedged at the 1st, the black could connect by double atari at the 2nd.

In this situation I thought that I could kill the white group in the left side and I would win. I had delusion that when the white wedged at the A, the black could connect by double atari at the B. Of course, the black stone on the B was killed by the next white move.

After my mistake, it didn't turn the tables. Eventually I resigned.

All moves are here.

However, the Diamond Opening is exiting! I'd like to try the opening next time also.

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