The Triangle

I like strange openings. I have played many strange openings. Moku hazushi, Large takamoku, Southern cross, Pillbox enclosure, Comet Halley, Apollo, Orion and so on.

I want to invent new openings!

I will introduce some openings, which I invented.

My 153rd KGS game (vs 6k, komi: 0.5, W) 

At first, this is the "Triangle". The shape is just like the name.

I think that the Orion is too concentrated in the center.

The Orion

So I broadened stones. How do you think it?

I must utilize the thickness in the center, but it's difficult.

I mistook after that.

I had to play diagonal contact at A. The white group in the top is fenced after that.

I was thoughtless. It's not good by wedge at A. I had to play stopper at B or invasion at C.

I need long time for to get used to it.

All moves are here.

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